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Migrating documents to Clio. Simplified with Shoveler.

Our team will guide you through migrating your documents into Clio. Shoveler was developed in close collaboration with the Clio to make switching to Clio simple.


Shoveler runs locally. It transfers your files over an encrypted connection directly to Clio’s servers. No information is sent or kept elsewhere, ensuring your private and secure documents and files remain that way.

Super support

Select the level of support that best suits your needs. From email support to phone support or even custom development, we’ve got you covered.

Specialized solution

Shoveler is a single-purpose tool built specifically for importing your documents into Clio.

Recommended by

“The goal of our partnership with Paradem was to enable potential Clio users to have a world class document migration service that was cost effective and delivered on everything the clients expected. Document management is a crucial aspect of a firm’s workflow and delivering on that service is of utmost importance to ensure firms have a centralized cloud based document management system they can easily collaborate with.”

Emmanuel Akena; Lead, Sales Engineering, Clio

Discuss your migration

Arrange a time to talk about your migration needs with a friendly Shoveler representative.

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Whether migrating from supported or custom import source, the Shoveler team will ensure your project is a success.

Basic migration

Migrate to Clio from a supported document management system.

$3,000 /USD

What’s included

  • 500,000 files included
  • $10 per 7,500 extra files
  • Hands on support to ensure your files are migrated successfully

Supported document management systems

  • AWS S3
  • Windows file system
  • MacOS file system
  • Microsoft Teams / OneDrive / SharePoint
  • ProLaw
  • Legal Files
  • Aderant/Client Profiles
  • FirmCentral

For migrations from other systems see Custom migration.

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Custom migration

Some migrations require a bit of extra work. This work can include:

  • Custom development for unsupported document management systems
  • Custom development for unsupported matter naming or numbering schemes

Our approach

  • Free consultation and estimate
  • Hands on support to ensure your files are migrated successfully

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